It is really hard to believe miracles happening in word! But still things beyond the human limits happen, so what would you say? What would you say if people suffering from various noncurable disease like cancer, Aids Brain tumour, Thyroid, Heart Blockages, Paralysis Problem, Spondylitis etches got a new hope to live life only one by single medicine. One such example is the BODY REVIVE the herbal medicine meaning Kayakalp invented by Scientist Munir Khan. It is hard to believe.

But when spoken to Firoz Doraksha, the president of Rotary Club, suffering from multiple heart blockages and kidney failure, had already undergone a heart

Surgery at breach Candy Hospital, but there was no sign of improvement. He was very depressed at Asian Heart Institute he was recommended to go for second surgery as according to the doctors angioplasty alone could not cure it. On the recommendation, he visited scientist Munir Khan for treatment and took the Body Revive medicine and within a month he was relieved from pains and now he leads a very normal life.

Many patients suffering from cancer, have assured on 7 star care channel that Body Revive is one such miracle, thus giving a new light and hope to lead a good life.

Like Mr. Anthony Dsouza, he had a heart problem and underwent angioplasty for about a year. He was on medication and again my cholesterol was increasing while he was on Delhi tour one of his friend informed him about scientist Munir Khan he came down to Bombay and took his medicine. He took three dozes for three months and his cholesterol came under control besides that he was a diabetic patient but it is also under control. It has really helped him and he stopped taking all other medicines.

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