People suffering from various non-curable disease like cancer, aids, brain tumour, thyroid, heart blockages, paralysis and spondylitis etc. are always scared of living life as they make an impression that these disease are a single to natural deaths. But, ‘Body Revive’ the herbal medicine ‘Kayakalp’, invented by Scientist Munir Khan, has given a new hope of life to the people suffering only by one single medicine.

Mr. Maheshwari, suffering Cancer was taking the treatment at Apollo Hospital, Kolkata. But the doctors told him that there was no treatment for it in Allopathy. After losing all the hopes. He approached Scientist Munir Khan for a last try. He was convinced with him and took the medicine and now, he has started recovering. Even Dr. Sahay who was treating him in Kolkata wondered how it could happen… And now he is referring many patients himself to Munir Khan, if he finds that there is no treatment in Allopathy

Mr. Vinod Kumar’s Eight years daughter was not able to walk and talk at all. They went for many treatments but always got the negative reply. They met Munir Khan and he gave a hope, that after consuming live bottles of medicine she would be fine. But on the consumption of the second bottle only, she started recovering and getting the teeth which were fallen two years before because of the illness and now she is able to eat food also

Mr. Girish Parekh, Ex National Billiards players. Was suffering from diabetes and hearts problem. Even after undergoing many treatments, he was not getting any sign of recovery. He took his medicine as suggested and now not only his heart beats have increase but also his sugar level is controlled and thus he is relieved from the sufferings.

And when spoken to Mrs. Yasmin Sharif, she informed that his husband was suffering from five Heart blockages and was suggested to undergo for Angiography costing around four lakhs which was not affordable for them. Then her Husband’s friend. Whose mother-in-law was treated by scientist Munir Khan, suggested them to take his treatment. After the treatment, her husband is being recovered very fast and thus she says that Scientist Munir Khan’s “Body Revive” medicine is like miracle in their life.

The medicine is the result of as 25 years of vigorous hard work of Scientist Munir Khan, which has proved to be beneficial in 100% removal of Heart blockage & Heart Valve problems and also 70% patients suffering from Cancer have been cured in the Advanced Stage. The problems of growing age like wrinkles skin problems. Decreasing energy level etc. can be rectified by this medicines Scientist Munir Khan providing more information about the medicine says “The treatment fundamentally consists of Ayurveda, Herbs and other scientific medicine. Body Revive medicine helps in regenerating the human cells and removes all kinds of metallic toxins and calcification like fiber, zinc etc.”

This medicine could also be consumed by Normal people to keep themselves Healthy and energetic thus prevent themselves from various toxins and


Scientist Munir Khan has also been awarded the Messiah-UI-Mulq Hakim Ajml khan ward in 2005 by the Union Health Minister for his contribution. Many patients have been cured with this one particulars medicine from natural deaths. The Body Revive, Kayakalp medicines has also got the patent Right in Britain.

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