Today science has gone far off from miracle. But yet, miracles happen. One such example is ‘Body Revive” an herbal medicine which means Kayakalap, invented by scientist Munir Khan. The medicine is the result of as 25 years of vigorous hard work of scientist Munir Khan which has proved to be beneficial in 100% removal of heart blockages & Heart Values Problems and also 70%patients suffering from Cancer have been cured in the advanced stage. Mr. Rajshekhar Shetty. Son of Mr Sadashiv Shetty informed that his father was suffering from Neo-Uro problems due to which he was not able to walk. On recommendation of Cousin Mr Uday Shetty. He visited scientist Munir Khan for treatment. Within four days his father started walking on his own. Scientist Munir Khan states about the medicine that ‘The treatment fundamentally consists of Ayurveda nerbs and other scientific medicine. This Body Revive medicine help in regenerating the human cells and remove all kinds of metallic toxins and certification like fiber, zinc etc.” Mrs Dalal mother in law of scientist Munir Khan Assistant was suffering from Hypothyroid due to which she started losing weight and becoming weaker & weaker. There was no positive sign by the Allopathic treatment costing and Doctors informed them to go for the treatment costing them around five to six Lakhs as there was no hope left. As she had seen many patients being recovered by body revive medicine, she insisted her family to take the treatment from scientist Munir Khan. After the intake of Body Revive. Mr Dalal started recovering in Eight days and now she has started gaining weight also. There cannot be two thoughts now, but you have to believe that God has still left room for miracles to happen in this world. The problems decreasing energy level etc. Can be rectified by this medicine.

This medicine could also be consumed by Normal people to keep themselves healthy and energetic, thus prevent themselves from various toxins and illnesses. Many patients suffering from cancer, have assured on 7 star care channel that Body Revive is one such miracle, thus giving a new light and hope to lead a good life like Mr John Miranda 45 was suffering from Diabetes and Cholesterol problem has recovered by this medicine. He also recommended this medicine to his friend US who was suffering from Cancer who also has recovered with the intake of three bottles of the Body revive medicine a patient from Chandigarh due to Hypertension sugar ulcer and heat blockage had to leave his job because of the sufferings he was suggested immediate Bypass by doctors But after seeing Scientist Munir Khan interview on & Star care channel they approached him for the treatment now after the treatment he has started leading a normal life and also re-joined his office also Mrs Shabana Khan suffering from Hypothyroid had become very weak and was not able to do any work But after the intake of this medicine now she is very normal and energetic. Scientist Munir Khan has also been awarded in 2005 by the union health minister for his contribution to mankind many patient have been cured with this one particulars medicines from natural deaths

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