Rise in Cancer and Ways to Overcome It


Factors which can risk cancer : Cancer has become a lifestyle disorder, something which has become quite common.   Is it true?   Yes, in the last couple of decades, cancer has increased drastically. Although there is progress in treating certain types of cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute, it is seen that the … Read more

Are There Alternative Treatments For Melanoma Skin Cancer?


  Before going ahead, let us know what melanoma skin cancer is. Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer that develops in melanocytes or skin cells. These skin cells produce melanin, which provides color to the skin. The Melanoma Foundation study reveals that more than 70 percent of melanoma skin cancer develops in or near … Read more

Discover ways to prevent cancer in men

1st Discover ways to prevent cancer in men

Prevention and diet : As National Men’s Health Week is going on, we need to raise awareness about cancer prevailing in men and its treatment among males. Lifestyle factors are the reason why men have different types of cancer. Although, other risk factors that one cannot ignore are age and the external environment. But the … Read more

How to Detect Breast Cancer Early? Warning Signs and it’s Treatment

detect breast cancer & its treatment

Here are some steps which the medical experts suggest following to catch breast cancer soon. For detecting breast lumps, it is important that women do self-examinations. The method to do it is as below: ○ Use the fat pads of the fingertips of the three middle fingers. ○ Slowly, move them in small circles around … Read more

How To Halt Cancer Cells From Growing


How To Halt Cancer Cells From Growing : The main reason why it is hard to kill cancer cells is that our immune system gets so strong that it can help to form new tumors. Certain cancer cells get killed but still, at times our immune system may fail to fight. Due to bad cancer … Read more

Know All About Melanoma Skin Cancer

Know all about Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma is one of the most serious types of skin cancer that develops in the cells referred to as melanocytes that generate melanin, a pigment that provides your skin it’s color. Melanoma can also occur in the eyes and, rarely, inside the body, like in the nose or throat. Causes The exact cause of all … Read more

Brain Cancer Factors That Can Put One At Risk

Brain Cancer Factors that can put one at Risk

Risk factors for brain cancer are wide and vary at different levels. The important point is that the cause of brain cancer is still vastly unknown. Although some genetic conditions and environmental factors might contribute to the overall development of brain cancer, the risk factors are very less acquired for brain cancer rather than for … Read more

Can Bladder Cancer Be Cured?

can bladder cancer be cured

It is known that Bladder cancer affects around 550,000 people worldwide each year. The occurrence of such cancer is most common in men and is important to detect early. But the question is, are there chances to cure bladder cancer? The answer is yes. Most cases of bladder cancer are caught early and are treatable … Read more

What Could Be More Damaging Or Concerning? Stress Due To Cancer Or Cancer Due To Stress?

What could be more damaging or concerning

While discussing with people, if you tell any of the followings, chances are very few will show any concern, most of them may disagree, even be surprised and some may even hold you to a debate. Ask them if they knew that:    ▪ There are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than … Read more

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