Newspaper : Swadesh Indore Date : 26 – 03 – 2006 News by Rajendra Kumar Rai CANCER CURE WITH HERBAL MEDICINE When doctor and patient both lose hope —– India is not an exception toward the danger of life staking disease like cancer. 50% increment in cancer patients globally is statistically expected. It therefore is … Read more


SCIENTIST MUNIR KHAN – BRIGHT HOPE OF RAY IN DARK WORLD OF AIDS Nostradamus – a great astrologer (1503 – 1566) Born in France, passed his medical degree in Motpeeler Medical College Many movies are filmed on his life one of which is ’THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW’. Like his other prediction the prediction about … Read more


THE WONDER ANGEL OF 21ST CENTURY Scientist Munir Khan, now residing in Mumbai, has blessed more than 9,000 patients with his herbal innovation formula ‘KAYAKALP’. He emphasises on the effect of the drug on cardiac conditions, which were difficult to tackle previously; he claims the medicine can evade the surgical interference and many patients have … Read more

Immunity:  The Strength to Fight Diseases

Dr Vikrant Joshi According to Ayurveda, immunity is that strength of the body which resists the harmful effects of diseases and destroys the pathogens. Our body produces antibodies to fight harmful external infection which protects the body by destroying poisonous microorganisms. According to modern science the presence of white blood corpuscles in our blood destroys … Read more

Immunity in Ayurveda

Dr. Rekha Gautam Why do we feel ill repeatedly in changing season? We fall ill due to lack of resistance power of the body called immunity. Decreased immunity can lead to small problems like cold-cough to deadly disease like cancer. According to Ayurveda, Immunity is also connected to superior vital essence of all bodily tissues … Read more

Papaya Boosts Disease Resistance Capacity

Cucumis melo 1

                        Papaya Boosts Disease Resistance Capacity -By Dr. Sandeep Bose Health Benefits of  Papaya: Papaya is full of numerous medicinal properties. Papaya should be consumed considering it as a medicinal food or nutraceutical. Vitamin C, Vitamin E (in natural form) and anti-oxidants like Beta Carotene are found in abundance in Papaya. About 90% of Human suffering … Read more

Immunity: The Strength to Fight Ailments

Understanding the Immune System The immune system or immunity is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that protect your body from foreign invaders like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites that can cause infections and diseases. The immune system also assists in getting rid of pre-cancerous cells that are growing out of control. Whenever the … Read more