Healthy Ways To Celebrate Diwali

Healthy Ways To Celebrate Diwali

The festive season of lights is upon us. Diwali is the most popular and celebrated festival in India, and Indians all over the world celebrate this day by lighting the diyas, eating sweets, and with fireworks. People generally loosen up a little when it comes to eating during Diwali, as we are all surrounded by … Read more

Why Cancer Comes Back and How to Stop It?

Cancer is a disease that doesn’t just affect the patient, but the people around him/her too. Surviving cancer is the ultimate goal of the victims of this horrific ailment. But the fear of cancer doesn’t leave the survivor even after defeating it. Every cancer survivor’s nightmare is that cancer might return in their lives. Studies … Read more

The Cancer Phobia and How to Cope with it

cancer phobia

When we hear the word ‘Cancer’, a certain rush of fear or hatred goes through our minds and body. Cancer is not just an ailment of excruciating pain, it also generally leads to the end of an individual’s life. Cancer, also known as a tumor or neoplasm is a collective term for a large group … Read more


What are Depression and Anxiety? To eradicate or even to tend anything, we are required to get acquaint ourselves with the concern. Similarly to backspace the demons like depression and anxiety from your life you should know about them. Depression can be considered as a zone where a perpetual feeling of dispirited and sorrow is … Read more

How effective your Immune System to Fight against Disease?

How effective your Immune System to Fight against Disease like Cancer, Covid-19:-  India, being such a versatile country is now facing the toughest time that no one ever imagined. Today it’s not only India but the entire world is going through the most infectious disease called coronavirus i.e. Covid-19. It’s been several months that we … Read more

Study Looks at Ayurveda’s Ability to Boost Immunity.

Many new studies have been coming up which shows that even allopathy is recognizing Ayurveda now. Earlier, it is only confined to un-urbanized areas but with these studies and experiments being conducted, everyone is getting a glimpse where Ayurveda can help them change their life in a great way. It is now helping the patients … Read more

Does a healthy diet act as a shield protecting you from chronic diseases?

Cucumis melo

We all have heard that “Health is wealth” and it is only a healthy body that is capable of a healthy mind that can manifest healthy thoughts to provide a healthy and meaningful life-giving happiness and purpose to our being. The journey of a healthy body starts right from the womb, passes through childhood, attains … Read more

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