Herbal Blessings for cancer patient

Newspaper : Nav Bharat

Date : 30 June 2006

Herbal Blessings for cancer patient:

The biggest news in flashlight is that the medicine will bring new life in patients with life ending diseases like cancer, brain tumour, and cardiac blocks etc. In India around 40 to 45 lak people suffer from cancer and around 10 lak of the patients become victims of cancer. Scientist Munir Khan claims 70% results for such fatal diseases. Any carcinomatous change in body anywhere will be curable by this therapy by generating next healthy and fresh cells instead of cancer cells.

The drug not only is effective in cancer but is capable of curing non – curable diseases like Cancer, Aids, Brain Tumour, Thyroid, Cardiac Blockages, Paralysis, and Spondylitis

Along with above mentioned remedial effects, the therapy is effective in cardiac blockages. Without surgical interference the medicine removes the obstructions in the cardiac vessels. Metals like aluminium, lead, zinc etc enter the body through edibles. The herbal formula melts these metals in white liquid form and makes them excrete through urine. This leads to generation of healthy vessels in cardiac tissues. Scientist Munir Khan states that calcification is the chief reason of obstruction in heart supplying vessels. He states that this is a real fact that the metals are liquefied by the medicine. it has no side effects whatsoever

Dr Munir Khan

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