Divya Himachal

Dharamshala, Saturday, 14 February, 2006


The treatment of cancer in India sometimes appears challenging and complicated; for this reason the diagnosis and the measures for the disease sometimes may take dangerous mode. Previously patients used to run to the relatively developed countries like America, England, Germany; where latest equipments could be made available for the patients and the experts from entire globe could opine about the remedial measures. Today the scenario is changed. India is standing with excellent result fetching herbal medicine in liquid form to counteract the serious diseases like cancer, brain tumour, heart attack etc; the researcher being the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan, who gives second life to 70% of such patients. The survey statistics spells that around 40 to 50 lak patients in India suffer from cancer, which is life killing disease and involves death of 10 lak cases of cancer patients.

The specialists now claim that the resident of Varsova, Mumbai, the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan, invented such amazing herbal formula that the cancer in any organ or part of body could be cured with it; and along with this fatal disease, kidney diseases, spondylitis, arthritis, and blind, deaf and dumb and mentally retarded children could also get benefit out of this medicine.

Round about 7,500 patients from this country and outside country have been treated with this medicine and are now happy to receive such remedial measures.

Originally from Kota village of Rajasthan state, the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan, had to reach Mumbai to treat celebrities from film industry – like producer and actor Manoj Kumar, Anil Nagraj, Azeez Mirza, Sudheer or Naresh Suri; along with them, many doctors, police officers were benefitted by the herbal therapy. The entire information about this and if required any other is available on phone no 09826282146.

On 29th September 2005 the Worli Club gave title of ‘Herbal Devta’ to the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan; and he is felicitated for his invention by Central Government Health Minister with ‘Ul Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan’ award.

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