I am very thankful to Munir Khan sir And I pray god for his long life …..

My name is R.N. Pal and I am from Kandivali, Mumbai My auntie name Shree Sharda Singh in Lucknow She use to often call me and discuss about her problems She had knot in her breast She had to suffer a lot because of which I spent lot of money by calling her And how can I help her sitting in Mumbai She showed her problem to N.C. Mishra in medical college Doctor said that she has to undergo operation And doctor gave the cost of Rs 3 lacks for the operation After that she need to do chemo because of which she may lose her hairs She got scared and she called me During that time I use to sleep late in the night One day I saw the interview of Munir Khan sir on television I came to know that he use to treat all the patients having any diseases So I called Auntie to Mumbai I said I will take you to Munir Khan sir and she came to Mumbai So I too her to Munir Khan sir with all her reports Their team of doctors saw all the reports of my auntie After that we met Munir khan sir and he said there is no need to worry at all He said you need to take medicine to get cure While takiing medicine my auntie has little pain But after two days the pain started reducing She stayed for a week in my house and she was fineThere was no pain and she was feeling much better She went Luck now and I use to sent medicine from here She has taken four bottles of BodyRevival and now she is completely fine Now she dont have any problems Doctors of Lucknow said to take her in Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai They asked us to do operation but auntie was scared of operation Because of which she was very tensed and upset Munir Khan sir’s medicine is very effective without under going any operation I would like to tell that this is not medicine but its a herbal medicine Any one can take this medicine for his health Long years back scientist did prediction that… There will one man who will no doctor no Messiah A person who will discover some herbal medicine for people Now I can trust the prediction of scientist That person is Scientist Munir Khan sir Who treats various patients with is medicine That too under going without any operation  People get cured with his medicine I am very thankful to Munir Khan sir And I pray god for his long life


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