When tissues and cells spread throughout the body starts growing in a different manner then it is declared as an attack of cancer. It is very difficult to diagnose cancer cells because they are similar to those body cells from which they originate. Moreover DNA and RNA of cancer cells multiply at such a faster pace which is uncontrolled by counter system of the DNA. And this high capacity results in incurable and dangerous disease. American and European scientists are laboriously researching in the field Human Cell Regeneration. In this situation, an Indian scientists named Munir Khan has invent herbal medicine BODY REVIVE means KAYAKALI which is a remarkable achievement. This cell degeneration formula had been developed ten years back. The body revive kayakalp which is an outcome of25 years of vigorous hard work and pain is a miracle because Munir Khan has treated 7500 patients of various incurable diseases like cancer, Aids, Brain tumour, Thyroid, Heart Blockages, Paralysis Problem, Spondylitis etc. with this magnificent herbal medicine throughout the world. The magnificence of this medicine has provided a new hope of life to those who are leading a miserable suffering from deep agony of various

miserable disease. Many people have been treated so far by Dr. Munir Khan jeweller kanak shah had developed cancer. His wife Shushma Shah said that “My husband was suffering from Splenic Lymphoma Willius Lymphoma means Blood Cancer. His hair started falling He lost his weight, he was not to do any work. He became bed ridden then I was told about Munir Khan and when my Husband was provided Body Revive he vomited therein the gap of 15 minutes and after third vomit he told me, I feel like a different person”. His platelets and blood count his under control now and he is absolutely normal now through this magnificent medicine.” According to Munir Khan Head of body revive Centre situated at Versova. Mumbai. We have a negotiation with a British company Alfa and V.K. Ltd. For its trade and selling for more information type cmk and sms to 7333 and which star care between 7:30 pm to 9:00 am every day.

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