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Research statistics has shown that 90% cardiac patients suffer from narrowing the internal lumen of the cardiac vessels. Layers of fat deposition on cardiac vessels are responsible for narrowing the lumen of vessels. Same mechanism is observed in atherosclerosis. Such narrowing of vessels is principle factor in triggering angina or heart attack. The physicians accept it as normal mechanism in advanced age.

The condition arises as a result of high cholesterol, which not only narrows down the lumen of vessels but also increases the pressure supplying cardiac tissue. Due to these events the surgical removal of obstruction created by narrowing of the vessel by angioplasty or bypass surgery came into practice and they are good result fetching. Many times the patients are advised to go for such measures after going through necessary tests. Operated patients do get relief for temporary period; however they have to again visit hospital after 3 – 4 years. Some patients are advised certain medicines

Today the remedy of these blocks is possible even without surgical interference. A herbal medicine got invented by a dignitary residing in Varsova, Mumbai, the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. The very formulation is ‘KAYAKALP’. It resists the obstruction of vessels, brain tumour, even cancer, which has been giving amazing results in the diseases. The entire information about this and if required any other is available on phone no 09826282146.

KAYAKALP therapy:

The bringing back of the normal heart beats in heart diseases is the outcome of devoted research work of two and half decades by the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. He invented such herbal formulation which removes metallic toxic depositions on the internal lining of the vessels. Metals like aluminium, lead, zinc etc enter the body through edibles. They get deposited on internal linings of the vessels. The herbal formula melts these metals in white liquid form and makes them excrete through urine. Calcification is one of the principle factors in cardiac vessels and the vessels supplying brain. It is sheer fact that the micro herbal formula KAYAKALP destroys the depositions of metals like aluminium, lead, zinc etc.

This can be explained with example. Shree George Gomes was admitted in Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai, and his angiography revealed 99% blockage and was advised surgery. Somehow Mr Gomes opted for alternative therapy and approached the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. The scientist was sure about no side effects on the patient and started KAYAKALP for the patient.

Advice: the real root cause behind heart diseases is wrong daily regime and the condition responds to the correction of such regime as follows:

  • The patient should execute yoga for minimum 20 minutes a day.
  • He should meditate for at least 10 minutes a day
  • He should walk for minimum 30 minutes a day
  • He should include fruits, vegetables, and fibres in diet and take care to take antioxidants and fibres in sufficient quantities
  • The patient should learn to adjust as per the environment and should adopt with the stress management.
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