Dr. Kamal Bhatia’s mother was facing some health problems, her weight was lost to 37Kg from 82Kg, and fever was increasing Dr. Kamal was not able to understand what was happening, various tests were done but doctors were not able to find what the problem was. After doing Citi scan they found that she was suffering from pancreatic Tumour, it was increased so much that water was filled in her stomach, her body became yellowish because of jaundice, Doctors declined for treatment. Dr. Kamal was very upset. One day Dr. Kamal’s father saw some patient were interviewed on 7 star care Channel that were cured by Scientist Munir Khan’s medicine. Dr. Kamal quickly consulted Scientist Munir Khan, he encouraged her & told her that the diseases is curable & her mother will be fine, after taking 1 bottle medicine her mother was feeling good, her jaundice was decreasing after taking 2nd bottle it was like a miracle for Dr. Kamal, her mother had lost the weight, she was not able to eat but now she getting to normal stage & after 3rd bottle she was completely cured as if she has got a new life, Dr. Kamal is very much thankful to Scientist Munir Khan.

Mr. Pankaj Jani, 56 years old resident of Andheri, Mumbai was suffering chest pain, he was under observation of Dr. Joshi in Criticare Hospital, after going Through E.C.G. test, he went through Angiography in Nanavati Hospital as per suggested for bypass surgery which was too much expensive for him. His mother saw some patients were interviewed on 7 star care Channel that were cured by Scientist Munir Khan’s medicine. After taking 3 bottles medicine from Scientist Munir Khan, his heart blockages were reduced to 50% from 75% and after taking 3 bottles medicine there was no sign of single heart blockages. Mr. Pankaj had a tour to Himalaya & he successfully completed it, he says that Scientist Munir Khan is like God to him.

Mr. D’Souza, 66 years old, informed that he was suffering from a four heart blockages and doctor suggest him for Bypass Surgery. On recommendation of his friend Ashok Balorkar he visited Scientist Munir Khan for the treatment. Within a week he started recovering and continued for more two months, now he is 100 percent cured.

Mr. Omesh Dividy, Manager Riliance Affair Corporate, shared his experience that his mother was suffering from high blood pressure, sugar, heart blocks and severe cancer, Dr. Advani tried to assured him that she would live only three months. But Scientist Munir Khan gave her a new life.

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