People suffering from various non-curable disease like cancer, aids, brain tumour, thyroid, heart blockages, paralysis and spondylitis etc. are always scared of living life to the fullest. Thus, a new hope and cure for incurable and cure for incurable and brain tumour has been discovered by Scientist Munir Khan. Scientist Munior Khan, a Research Holder of cancer, heart & brain tumour invented a formula that got a new hope to live life only by one single medicine called “Body Revive”, a devotion of 24 yrs. in  pursuit of research with reference to the subject of Body revival. It should be noted as a significant fact that his. He was reduced 10000 patients & their testimonial stands as a testimony to the fact of hard core evidence.

Mr. Rajesh was suffering from Cancer since 2003, like every normal human beings he was gone through Kimo Therapy & radiation but after a year he was again suffered a cancer attack, Doctors told him this is not a curable disease & he has to go through Kimo Therapy & radiation every year, 2nd time after going through the same process he was feeling more weak, he was losing his hair,

Lost kilos of weight, he became inactive. One of his friend told him about scientist Muir Khan who cures diseases by Ayurvedic treatment, Mr Rajesh quickly consulted him after taking medicines for 3 months he was coming to normal life & after taking 3 years medicines he is fully cured from this dangerous disease, he went for a routine check up to his family doctor, doctors were shocked that there was no sign of cancer in his body. Mr. Rajesh is very happy & suggest that Ayurvedic Medicines are more curable then kimo Therapy & Radiation. He is thankful to Scientist Munir Khan.

Mr. Girish Parekh, ex-Billiards & Snooker Player, a regular viewers of 7 Star Care Channel, suffering from heart problem 7 diabetes. After taking a 3 months from scientist Munir Khan, his heart beat has been improved and also has got over his diabetes problem. As said by Mr. Girish Parekh that by consulting Scientists Munir Khan his high medical expense was reduced to a few thousands.

Mr. Hiresh Maheshwari states that his father 79 years old was suffering liver

Cancer and jaundice. He was under treatment of Dr. Shah and then Dr. Goenka of Apollo hospital Kolkata. Further, Doctors told him that there is no hope to survive because there is treatment in India & Abroad for this disease. Finally he was hopeless then one of his friend referred him to Scientist Munir Khan’s clinic, as a beginning he took half bottle medicine to see that will it work out or not. After some days his father was feeling good so he continued Scientist Munir Khan’s medicine and as a result now his father is hundred percent cured. Now his father is able to speak, eat, walk and live as a healthy man. One another important fact is that after the treatment for a confirmation they had taken a check-up at the Hospital & showed a report to Dr. Goenka they were shocked that how it is possible because the report was normal there was no symbol of Cancer. Then they had taken the number and addresses of Scientist Munir Khan so they can refer to other patients also. Mr. Maheshwari says “It was a miracle by Scientist Munir Khan that saved his father’s life”.

Mr. D’Souza, 66 years old, informed that he was suffering from a four heart blockages and suggest him for Bypass Surgery. On recommendation of his friend Ashok Balorkar, he visited scientist Munir Khan for the treatment. Within a week he started recovering and continued for more two months, now he is 100 percent cured and very much happy.

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