My father was having liver cancer ….

My father was having liver cancer along with jaundice Last 5 months back And he was undergoing treatment under doctor B.B.Shah then doctor Goenka of apollo hospital Kolkata And doctors already gave us answer that there is no treatment as such in India or abroad And we lost all our hopes And finally I just came to know from one of my friends That doctor Munir Khan scientist is there and he is treating cancer We just took a chance and he had given 1 bottle No sorry half bottle On further very beginning just to see whether it is going to act or not Because my father was 79 years old This is 5 months back matter And when we started the treatment and gradually improved My father is not having jaundice and this is normal and cancer was detected Which was detected cancer was there and now there is no cancer symptom There is no abnormal cell growth It is apparently normal and we got relief And this is really a miracle for us


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