My mother who was suffering from breast cancer 2 years back It was advance cancer…..

My name is Zafar Hussain, I reside at cuffe parade, Mumbai My mother who was suffering from breast cancer 2 years back It was advance cancer so doctor told operation can’t happen And there is no other way except chemotherapy We did 6 to 8 cycle of chemotherapy at breach candy hospital But it didn’t work Because when the cancer was detected that time pleural effusion happened It means that fluid was filled in lungs So we didn’t saw any way and doctor’s also said that they can’t do anything more Senior doctor of Tata Memorial was treating her He was thinking that by giving Chemo water might stop But nothing happened She was getting more weak Water didn’t stop it increased By giving trauma chemo water again came within 4 days What can we do we didn’t had other way We spent 1.5 lakhs on chemo, doctors and drugs After spending so much money there was no result She started getting weak and also her hairs started falling She was so weak that she can’t even get up Blisters came in her mouth so that she was not able to eat By seeing her our family physicians suggested us to stop chemo If you will give more chemo then she will die Our family friend who was cured with the medicine of scientist Munir Khan So we came to scientist Munir Khan After seeing reports he said that we can treat her Scientist Munir Khan’s team of doctor’s told us to take body revival It will be cured because of it As my mother started first doze Accumulation of water in lungs stopped Just think that so many chemo can’t stop water With just one spoon of body revival water got stopped fillingAfter that she kept getting cured Her weakness also got stopped She was able to work and walk She could also climb stairs And today she is living normal lifestyle and her other parameters are also normal Her hemoglobin is normal and also liver and kidney is in order And today my mother is totally cured Today we can say that god gave magical hands to scientist Munir Khan And today I also want to say that Doctor’s of Tata memorial who were treating her they can’t believe that How such advance case of metastatic breast cancer got cured How can she walk and all her parameters are normal They are shocked and they can’t say anything We are so happy that my mother is cured That we have one relative in pune of 85 years old She just started suffering from metastatic breast cancer Allopathic doctors refused that they can’t do anything because at the age 85 years they can’t give her chemo I also sent her to Munir Khan And it’s 4 months and she is normal and active I and my family thank Munir Khan


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