Nostradamus – a great astrologer (1503 – 1566)

Born in France, passed his medical degree in Motpeeler Medical College

Many movies are filmed on his life one of which is ’THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW’. Like his other prediction the prediction about an angel getting born for the service of mankind also came true. The angel is none other than the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. Entire globe has more than 66% population having symptoms of AIDs. The Honourable Scientist Munir Khan invented such an injection for patients of AIDs. The injection is worth $ 1,000. If India gets $ 1,000 per day, one can imagine how rich India would become by the efforts taken by the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan; just in a month or more.

Destruction of universe in 2012

As per the prediction of Nostradamus the entire universe would be destroyed in 2012 and there would appear an angel who would curtail this destruction and would inactivate atomic power. Nostradamus also added that he would be very genius and would serve the mankind to tread on path of improvement. The angel mentioned in his prediction is none other than the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan.

Prediction of Nostradamus came true

He predicted a lot of things in his book ‘THE CENTURY’, which came true – like French revolution, killing of thousands of innocent people by Hitler, fatal disease like plague – as he described it in words of ‘iron sparrow’, which made catastrophe in America, about the natural calamity tsunami; in the similar fashion the prediction has been figured out to be true about AIDs. He said in 21st century an angel will appear from South Asia on beaches of ocean who would cure fatal diseases even if he would not be a doctor, or hakim or vaidya; yet he would be like health fetcher to all kinds of patients. Many people, through the ‘vadhusangeeta prashna patra’ described a person with white clothes seen as an angel and many astrologers support the statement. Nostradamus was the one to predict about ‘titanic’ catastrophe as well.

It should be considered that researches are carried out in America, England for re-generation of human cells; whereas the Scientist Munir Khan succeeded 10 years ago in innovation of such formula. The formula is now popular as ‘Body revive’ or ‘KAYAKALP’. After continuous research for 25 years the wonder angel of running century gave relief to more than 10,000 patients suffering from cancer, heart block, brain tumour, spondylitis, arthritis and such other incurable diseases; in country and outside the country.

Research statistics has shown that 90% cardiac patients suffer from narrowing the internal lumen of the cardiac vessels. Layers of fat deposition on cardiac vessels are responsible for narrowing the lumen of vessels. Same mechanism is observed in atherosclerosis. Such narrowing of vessels is principle factor in triggering angina or heart attack.

The physicians accept it as normal mechanism in advanced age. The condition arises as a result of high cholesterol, which not only narrows down the lumen of vessels but also increases the pressure supplying cardiac tissue. Due to these events the surgical removal of obstruction created by narrowing of the vessel by angioplasty or bypass surgery came into practice and they are good result fetching. Many times the patients are advised to go for such measures after going through necessary tests. Operated patients do get relief for temporary period; however they have to again visit hospital after 3 – 4 years. Some patients are advised certain medicines

Today the remedy of these blocks is possible even without surgical interference. A herbal medicine got invented by a dignitary residing in Varsova, Mumbai, the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. The very formulation is ‘body revive’ or ‘KAYAKALP’. It resists the obstruction of vessels, brain tumour, even cancer, which has been giving amazing results in the diseases. It is only due to the research by the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan, which made the patients escape the surgery

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