Gynecological Conditions

A woman’s body is unique in that the nature has bestowed her the capability of bringing new life on this earth and is therefore made up of complex structural and functional mechanism. Generally, women  during their entire life time experience a number of gynecological conditions like irregularities in the menstruation,  pain during the menses, pain in lower and upper back, weakness in the uterus,  white discharge, blood discharge, deficiency of calcium, iron and other minerals etc .  Apart from these, various medical conditions are also experienced by women at some stages of their life time which has been given medical terminologies like Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS), Menopause, Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), Endometriosis, in addition to diseases like Tumors and Cancer which are common to both male and female. Still some types of cancers are specific to women like cancers of the breast, cervical and uterus.  A very common conditions which prevails and with which women are always at risk is a weak immune system of their body and so vulnerable to catch infections.


Allopathic medicines like oral contraceptives, anti-androgens, ovulation induction agents, surgical procedures and hormonal replacement therapies are available for coping with gynecological health challenges. However, the treatment is effective once the symptoms start showing off , such treatments have their own harmful impacts and last but not the least the benefits acquired through medicine don’t last long and  help only till medication is on.

The best way to deal with these problems is to maintain a regular good health and build preparedness for the transitions that is brought with various stages of changes in woman body. Ayurveda looks at women’s gynecological conditions in a holistic way. Ayurveda believes that gynecological issues emerge due to obstructions in the pelvic cavity causing disorders in the flow of Vata. This is in turn leads to an accumulation of Kapha and Pitta and ultimately complete imbalance between the three results which is the basic reason for all the illness and disorders in the body. Apart from this, Ayurveda  also works on strengthening of  the immune system for a general well being and healthy living for women and aims at sustainable health with the treatment.

How does Body Revival help?

Body Revival a herbal suspension made from natural extract of rare herbs which works on enhacing the immuninity and strength of female reproductive system. The various ingredients used in this formulation have proved to be very effective in the reproductivity of women and gives a very positive effect on health, beauty and youthfulness for women and young girls. This is non-hormonal, herbal preparation that is also effective in. This is very beneficial in various problems faced during mensuration,  returns health and gives youthfulness and virility.