Heart plays a very important role in the survival of human beings. It is the pumping machine for the body which enables blood to reach each and every part of the body. Blood is carrier of oxygen and the nutrients – to every cell of the body, in the absence of which no cell can survive. The blood vessels and the heart together make cardiovascular system. It needs no emphasis to underline the existence and maintenance of a healthy heart. Conditions like Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Stroke and Arrhythymia are life threatening.

Faulty Lifestyle and Heart Ailments

Heart diseases are directly linked to the faulty lifestyles, smoking and eating disorders gives rise to number of complications like high blood pressure, obesity and insomnia. These complications eventually lead to various types of heart diseases that are commonly prevalent all around the world. The various symptoms reflecting unhealthy heart are, pain in the chest, inflammation of lungs, abnormal breathing and palpitation. Thus, preventive care of the cardiovascular health is recommended by adopting healthy lifestyle changes, diet and exercise.


Current therapies are focused on lowering of lipid and reverse atherosclerosis. These are not very effective and send the patients in vicious loop rather than providing a holistic treatment. The reversal of heart ailments is possible if a good treatment plan is combined with novel approaches. A novel approach involves targeting the immune system’s capacity to resolve inflammation or remove blockages. An activated immune system is prepped up to eliminate the dead and dying cells from the site of inflammation or blockage and initiate clearing  of blood vessels.

 How does Body Revival help

This formulation is very effective in the above symptoms and complications. Purely herbal formulation is helpful in alleviating the heart health, abnormal heart beat, and inflammation of lungs and makes the heart and body strong. It provides a protective screen against all heart ailments and keeps away from all forms of heart related diseases and disorders. This herbal based formulation does not have any side-effects or after-effects and is non-habit forming, non-sedative, non-alcoholic and non-poisonous.  It is very effective in the symptoms and manifestations like lack of normal heart beat, getting short of  breath after little physical exertion, mental debility, nausea, chest pain and weakness of lungs. Regular usage of this herbal formulation expels the poisons, poisonous compounds and other harming substances from the body through excretion process and rejuvenating the cells.