Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are the filtration system of the human body. Evidently, Kidneys filter blood to remove waste, acid residue and extra water, thus maintaining a necessary electrolyte balance in the body. The poisonous waste produced in the body plays havoc in the entire system of the body. Till the time this poisonous substance is excreted out of the body, the body is devoid of any ill effect but the moment the excretion stops, the whole system starts degenerating.

Apart from playing an essential role in the excretory system of the human body, kidneys are also responsible for producing hormones which maintain an optimum blood pressure, strengthening of bones and production of healthy red blood corpuscles.

A number of diseases related to kidneys have been observed in the recent times which are classified as either Acute or Chronic. When the kidney faces the threat of being damaged due to bacterial infection, sepsis or ischemia-reperfusion injury, the condition is termed as Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). On the other hand, the sustaining disease of the kidney caused due to long-term repercussions of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and autoimmunity is termed as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Chronic disease of Kidney is linked with modern day lifestyle, increasing pressures and challenges of day to day life and changing dietary habits adopted by human beings. In other words, there is a high probability of getting the kidney related diseases due to the modern day dietary habits and lifestyle.


Apart from an allopathic system of treatment for the ailments related to kidneys, strengthening of immunity which in turn acts as a continuous sentinel of the body is a very effective way of seeing towards keeping the health of kidney in fit condition ever. On the other hand, the health of the Kidneys itself affects the Immune System of the body. In simple words, both the Immune System of the body and the health of kidneys are inter-related for the general well being of the body. If the Immune system is affected negatively, kidneys fall prone to diseases and if kidneys are affected negatively, the immune system of the body weakens. Recent researches are indicative of the fact that immunity strengthening therapeutic approaches have provided a great promise for helping the immune system and inflammation related to renal diseases.

How does Body Revival help?

The vitality of the kidneys could be revived by strengthening the Immune System. Body Revival, an Ayurvedic Formulation works on the principle of regeneration and rejuvenation of tissues which in turn build a healthy mechanism in the body. The possibility of immunotherapy to regenerate new cells and promote defense mechanism that can stop the progression of the disease and rejuvenate the damaged kidneys is increased manifold by the use of Ayurvedic Formulation, Body Revival. The formulation could be well taken in advance for kidney wellness before actually contacting any diseases.

Body Revival is also very effective in the various diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. The formulation helps in increase of urine production and complications in excretory systems like burning sensation during urination, coming of blood during the passage of urine, stones formation in the kidneys and is very beneficial in other kidney related problems. Due to its diuretic property the passing of urine is cleared and the volume of urine increases.