Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment Reviews

I was suffering from locally advance breast cancer. As I was in advance stage they didn’t want to treat me.In breast cancer treatment doctors gave me 12 chemos, 2 operations and 50 radiotherapy on my breast. Because of changing drugs again and again diseases was getting spread. When it started spreading in liver that time it was difficult. Digestion was not happening, urine started detained, also there was problem of stool. So, we came to Munir Khan at June 13th till now we just took 2 bottles and we got good result in that.
The good result we got is… Use to get bad vibes and bones were also not good bad vibes started reducing. Now, the headaches are not there and pus use to come out from ears. Now, that pus have almost stopped coming out sometimes it comes and my right hand which was operated was also not working properly. Was not able to pick any weights now I can pick up weights confidently and all the small problems use to happen now it’s getting cured. Overall my body is getting revived. Thank you so much Dr. Munir Khan for such an amazing result for breast cancer treatment in India.
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