Pratishta – Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer, Body Revival Reviews

Pratishta she is 8 years old she was not able to walk and talk then I went to many doctors for her treatment but didn’t got any result. So, I came here by seeing scientist Munir Khan’s advertisement. When I talked with him on phone he told me to bring child and her reports. When I came here then he told me that your child will require 5-6 bottles of medicine and Allopathy medicine can’t cure this disease.

Then I bought 1 bottle and got positive result. Because of this medicine her tooth came which was not coming from last 2 years. Before she doesn’t use to eat everything but now she is eating everything. She also started talking and also trying to walk. There is very much improvement in just 2 bottles and I feel that if I complete the course then she will be normal. It’s cured just because of scientist Munir Khan’s medicine he is like god to me.

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