Sheikh Ibrahim

My name is Sheikh Ibrahim. I reside at Chembur. I was suffering from cancer. So, I did small operation there was a knot so doctor told me that they have to remove knot. After removing knot there was no change then he wrote Tata and gave me Dr. Sachin asked me to do operation because I had cancer in urine bag. We have to remove that urine bag they told me that they will pack inside because they need to do bypass. The expenses I got was around 1 lakh. Because of it I didn’t do operation and after 10 days I took discharge. They told me to take chemo and in chemo it very difficult we can’t eat and hair fall also starts. In chemo, it’s very difficult to survive. Because of that I didn’t take chemo by seeing my condition my neighbor. Some of his friends got cured because of Dr. Munir Khan medicine. He gave me the address and told me to visit and also told me that I will be cured. Then I visited at Versova clinic and took Munir Khan’s Body Revival medicine. I started taking body revival medicine only in 4 dozes. I got very good result. I have finished one bottle and now the second bottle is going on and I am very thankful to Body Revival that I am cured totally.