Central Government Health Minister Dr. Ramdas awarding Scientist Munir Khan with title ‘Ul Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan’

Dr. Vijay Sharma, advised his heart patient to visit Scientist Munir Khan; as the patient was not be relieved by any of the drugs he consumed. Scientist Munir Khan went through all the reports of the patient and gave him assurance and he introduced the patient to his invented herbal medicine. Surprisingly the patient started getting slow relief. His cardiac functions which were only 35% efficient rose to 60% efficiency in only a couple of months. After about 4 months he started realising that his cardiac problem is almost vanished. Dr. Vijay Sharma got amazed by the fantastic results of the drug.

Shree Ashwinikumar is a resident of Mumbai. He was under treatment in a renowned hospital for his obesity and Diabetes for a long time without much benefit to his health. His friend Mr Trilok Rampal has seen some interviews of patients on T. V. Channel getting better with remedial measures by the Scientist Munir Khan. By his advice Ashwinikumar started medicine and in two months with two bottles of the medicine lost a few kgs. His diabetes was under control after 4 bottles of the medicine. He used to take 4 doses daily; however he came down to a single dose a day.

Mr. Juneja was a patient of indigestion. His physical status started affecting his psychology. His friend suggested name of Scientist Munir Khan. After 2 bottles of medicines by the scientist, he was feeling better so he continued the medicine. Now he is physically and psychologically fit and fine and after 4 bottles he does not suffer from any ailment whatsoever. He used to not speak a word with anyone during his sickness. He now maintains his usual relations like he used to, before his sickness.

For two weeks Sajid Husain’s aunty was admitted in the hospital for liver cancer and jaundice. The treating doctors had lost hope of her life. Sajit had become upset. He was aware there is no cure for liver cancer in entire globe. One of his friends suggested the name of Scientist Munir Khan. Soon after commencing the treatment she started feeling better. Hence she decided to continue the medicine. When she was absolutely relieved, she went to the same hospital again for the follow up check up and the doctors could not believe the reports in front of them. They have saved the phone number and address of Scientist Munir Khan for other needful patients. For Sajid and his family the Scientist Munir Khan is like angel from blue sky came down to save his aunty.

Namichand Kothari is another resident from Mumbai. He got paralysis attack and obviously could not walk. After being treated by various doctors he went to Scientist Munir Khan after witnessing the T. V. channel. As his medicine started, it acted like a magic. He could now sit in his bed. He continued the medicine and at present he can walk, and lead a good life. He repented about wastage of his hard earned money for previous treatment.

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