Newspaper : Hamara Pratikar

Date : 25 – 08 – 2004


The Honourable Scientist Munir Khan – this is the only name flashing all the way in medical field; may it be the case of brain tumour or may it be a case of cancer. This angel devoted his entire life for the service of the mankind by spending years together in doing research, and he invented a herbal formulation with honey ‘KAYAKALP’, which brings magic in medical world – by making a deaf person to listen, blind person to see and dumb person to talk.

He says – I have devoted such lengthy years of my life in research because I wanted to revive the dead cells of the human body with newly generating fresh healthy cells.

For innovation of this micro herbal formulation, the Lion’s Club awarded him with ‘Samajashree’.

In the last article we presented two of his patients, in this article we will present another couple of patients:

The interview between the patients and the representative of Pratikar is as follows:

Shree Rampurwala Mohammad Husain age 50 years underwent angiography –

  1. L C – normal
  2. L A D – + 90% lesion
  3. L C X – 100 % lesion

O M I – 100 % lesion

The patient reported that he was relieved as soon as he started the medicine. The follow up report was as follows:

L V angiograph was normal

Another patient Mrs R. G. Khan, 65, was investigated at Leelavati Hospital and the report of angiography was as follows

  1. L A D – left side thick
  2. L X – large vessels thick

I had already undergone surgery and had lost hope of living. One of my friends advised me about the Honourable Scientist Munir Khan. Once I started the medicine I got revived. She was reporting the representative of Pratikar.

The Honourable Scientist Munir Khan is like a health magician for the patients with incurable diseases.

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