Scientist Munir Khan, now residing in Mumbai, has blessed more than 9,000 patients with his herbal innovation formula ‘KAYAKALP’. He emphasises on the effect of the drug on cardiac conditions, which were difficult to tackle previously; he claims the medicine can evade the surgical interference and many patients have shown the results. Scientist Munir Khan has combined Ayurved, Unani, Herbal, and natural therapy and produced a new formulation that facilitates avoidance of surgical interference in many cardiac and cancer patients.

Deep researches are carried out in America, England for re-generation of human cells; whereas the Scientist Munir Khan succeeded 10 years ago in innovation of such formula. The formula is now popular as ‘Body revive’ or ‘KAYAKALP’. After continuous research for 25 years the wonder angel of running century gave relief to more than 9,000 patients suffering from cancer, heart block, brain tumour, spondylitis, arthritis and such other incurable diseases; in country and outside the country.

President of Rotary Club, Mr. Firoz Doraksha was sick with cardiac blocks and kidney failure. He underwent angioplasy in Breach Candy Hospital without much relief. He was asked to repeat the surgical procedure by Asian Heart Institute. By somebody’s suggestion he approached Scientist Munir Khan and started the ‘KAYAKALP’. He felt better in just a couple of months and now he is leading a healthy life.

Shree Sadashiv Shetty was a patient of NEO – URO. He couldn’t even walk. His son Rajshekhar Shetty took him to Scientist Munir Khan. It took only a week for him to start walking.

Assistant to Scientist Munir Khan brought the mother – in – law for remedy of hypothyroidism. She had lost a lot of weight and had spent 5 to 6 laks of rupees in the medical treatment. She has literally lost hope when she was brought to Scientist Munir Khan. Only a week of the ‘KAYAKALP’ therapy proved to be a magic for her and within a week she became better. Now she is happily spending her healthy life.

Research statistics has shown that 10% cardiac patients suffer from narrowing the internal lumen of the cardiac vessels. They are not able to supply sufficient blood to the cardiac tissue. It precipitates the angina and ischemic cardiac diseases. The scientists state that it is a normal mechanism of narrowing vessels with age; however they attempted to reach to the root cause of such scenario. Complicated cardiac surgery also is not sometimes a relief to such conditions however it is amazing actuality that Scientist Munir Khan relieves such patients without surgical interference. The obstructive vessels are treated with his medicine and turning the metallic parts like aluminium, lead, zinc etc of the obstructing material into white liquefactions to be excreted through urine. The patient is therefore relieved by this therapy.

Britain has given right of patent to the herbal medicine KAYAKALP in April 2006, as per the contract and with Britain Company Alpha and Omega bouquet limited. The golden cardiac relief medicine has no side effects on body.

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