They said my mother will get cured After taking that medicine and I saw lot of improvements in my mother

I am Seikh Zainuddin and I am from Mumbai My mother’s name is Seikh Zaida She is a cancer patient Initially she had pain in her stomach so did Citi Scan test In the report we found there were small knots in the liver Doctor said may be its a sign of TB It was mention that it may be tuberculosis So we started the treatment of TB of my mother And we continued the treatment for 9 months After 9 months she had problem of Jaundice So we were very tensed and upset of various problems of my mother So my mother was shifted to Nair Hospital and doctors did check up They did CitiScan and MRI of my mother We came to know there was a blockage near the liver So doctor did test for that So doctor said it’s a blockage of cancer So we were very tensed because it was unexpected So doctor said its not Tb its cancer Ordinary people think what doctor is saying is right, but now what to do Instead of doing treatment of cancer they were doing treatment of TB Because of which the disease got increase And doctor said its a last stage Doctor asked us to take her home and let her do rest So I can say that its a carelessness of a doctor who treated badly my mother A doctor cant even prepare proper reports Because of which a patient has to suffer a lot Before nine months instead of detecting cancer After suffering so much pain now doctor is saying its increasing And there is no treatment for this It feels they got the license of killing and harassing patients Because they dont do treatment proper and wholefamily has to suffer Doctor’s dont know what pain we go through running behind the patient whole day I have a friend name Abdul Rehman His relatives has taken the medicine of Munir Khan sir For which the doctor said there is no treatment for cancer He said me about Munir Khan sir and I saw some hope for my mother So I went to meet Munir Khan sir in his clinic Their team of doctors saw the reports andthey advised to take Body Revival medicine They said my mother will get cured After taking that medicine I saw lot of improvements in my mother Now my mother is almost cured We still continue the medicine and I pray god my mother gets fully cured I and my family are very  thankful to Munir Khan sir And I pray god for his long life


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