6 Effectual Ways To Maintain Your Bladder Health


The bladder is a major organ of our body and works significantly. However, its health condition deteriorates with time thus it is important to take care of your bladder health. The health of the bladder defines the efficiency of the bladder to work. The bladder is responsible for controlling urination that is one of the … Read more

How important role immunity plays to revive body?

Aegie matmelos

Before going into the importance of the role-play of Immunity system it is important to know What is immunity system? What does the immunity system do? We all fall ill sometime or the other. The questions that should be asked to ourselves are how often do I fall ill? How soon do I revive from … Read more

I was suffering from locally advance breast cancer…….

I was suffering from locally advance breast cancer As I was in advance stage they didn’t want to treat me So they told that treatment will be given just for your relief But after positive report they have started treatment In treatment they gave 12 chemos 2 operations And 50 radiotherapy On both different side … Read more


It is really hard to believe miracles happening in word! But still things beyond the human limits happen, so what would you say? What would you say if people suffering from various noncurable disease like cancer, Aids Brain tumour, Thyroid, Heart Blockages, Paralysis Problem, Spondylitis etches got a new hope to live life only one … Read more


People suffering from various non-curable disease like cancer, aids, brain tumour, thyroid, heart blockages, paralysis and spondylitis etc. are always scared of living life as they make an impression that these disease are a single to natural deaths. But, ‘Body Revive ‘the herbal medicine ‘Kayakalp’, invented by Scientist Munir Khan, has given a new hope … Read more

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