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Indian system of medicine, The Ayurveda is unique in recognizing rejuvenation, not only as possible but assigning it priority over the treatment of other ailments. To achieve rejuvenation, various body purification processes (shodhana) were adopted by the ancient hermits / ascetics which we term as ‘detoxification’ in modern science. After detoxification, to further revive the ageing body , Rasayana  (rejuvenation)  therapy was initiated. The precise selection of divya herbs and the action of each plant parts was determined by the doctrine of Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaca, Prabhav, and Karma of the plant. Rasayanas were thus, specific remedies for rejuvenation (body revival) especially for the aged and were so powerful that they could also treat incurable diseases. With this therapy, all tissues, glands and organs, however inactive, started functioning in harmony.

Body Revival


The Body Revival is a mixture of both rare and commonly consumed herbs and plant extracts which find their reference in ancient wisdom of Ayurveda such as Aegle marmelos, Acorus calamus, Withania somnifera, Blumea lacera, Rumex vesicarious, Rubia cordifolia, Cucumis melo, Symplocos racemosa & Honey (Apis sps) which is an approved “Yogvahi” ingredients is used as a base.

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Our goal is to treat patients using old traditional techniques of Ayurveda along with natural ingredients.

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Nandana Sharma, Dubai

Nandana Sharma, Dubai

“I visited his clinic because of my illness at that time which no doctor could cure. My friend who got benefit from his syrup referred me to him. I specially travelled from Dubai to Mumbai. I was given such a nice counseling and proper answers to my questions. I have started taking their prescribed medicine and I am much better now.”

Daniel , USA

Daniel , USA

“Mr.Munir Khan is a very kind, honest and sincere gentleman and he has started this activity of Health Counselling and Medicines to help so many people and so many people like me have been definitely benefitted from this.”

Shabina Menon, Mumbai

Shabina Menon, Mumbai

“I visited Mr.Munir Khan’c clinic two months back as everyone had told me about him. I got a very good response and advice on my diseases from his trained staff and after starting the course of the syrup suggested by them, I felt different. I am thankful to Mr.Munir Khan and his staff for the guidance and because of them my health improvised..”

Mr.Rao, Jabalpur

Mr.Rao, Jabalpur

“I have been taking the Syrup given to me by Munir Khan and I have improved on my health with the same. I have read many comments regarding Mr.Munir Khan on the internet but I feel that there is no cheating on what he does. At least he did not force me to buy anything and after I started using Body Revival Syrup, I got benefitted.”


Diseases That Can Be Treated

Body Revival works on enhancing immunity apart from cancer there are various other diseases on which Body Revival works like Heart Diseases, Kidney Disease, Flu, Gynecological conditions etc,


Frequently Asked Questions

It is an Ayurvedic Natural suspension which is a herbal suspension comprising of a number of rare and common herbs which are preserved in honey as its base.

Inventor Mr. MUNIR KHAN is the proprietor of the company HEALTH REACTIVE who has developed body revival. Mr. Munir Khan has received several accolades and recognitions for his path breaking contribution in the field of health and alternative medicine.

He has to his credit several awards and recognitions including:

  • Felicitated by the title of “Samaj Shree” by President of Lion Club of Linking Rd., Nana Chudasama in 2003.
  • Messiah UL Mulk Hakim Ajmal Awardfrom Union Health Minster Dr. Ramdas in 2005.
  • Vibrant Indian Award by Thiru Nawab Muhamed Abdul Ali, His Highness the Prince of Arcot, at Chennai.
  • Star of the Year Awardby Sri. Surjit Singh Barnala, his Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu in 2009.
  • Baba Saheb Ambedkar Ratna Awardin 2016
  • Scientist Munir Khan Being Honored By Dr. Sunil Baliram Gaikwad, M.P. at IMA Awards 2016 In Mumbai
  • Mr. Khan is also honoured by C.M. Devendra Fadnavis on 13.04.2016 for his invention of Ayurvedic medicine

Safe to use and time-tested, an Ayurvedic product with no side effect. The product has a success story of more than 22 years and has cured thousands of patients of various diseases.

Body revival helps in boosting the immune system and rejuvenating body cells. Therefore, it helps in healing of many diseases as pathogenesis of all diseases is mostly linked to the weakness of the immune system in some way or the other. Body Revival aims to help individuals at large with its potent rejuvenation and detoxification properties. It is a time-tested product having a success story of more than 20 years and benefitted thousands of patients of various diseases, not only in India but across the world.

1. The product is to be taken only at night after dinner.
2. Nothing is to be consumed after consuming the product.
3. No sour foods/food products like raw mango, lemon, tamarind, pickle, etc. are to be taken during the course of consumption of  Body Revival.
4. Milk and milk products are also to be avoided in the diet during the course of consumption of  Body Revival.
5. Dose and dose cycle vary for each individual so it is to be followed as per instruction and dose amount should be measured carefully.

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