What Is Brain Tumor & How to Cope With It?

brain tumor

What is a Brain Tumor? The brain tumor is a collection of abnormal and uncontrolled cells. It is one of the deadliest types of disease among all. Not all brain tumors are cancerous some of them are not cancerous as well. Tumors can begin indirectly brain or any other part of the brain and can … Read more

Know the Types and Causes of Heart Diseases

heart diseases

The heart is an inevitable organ of the body. Without a heart, we can’t imagine the formation of the body. However, some of the times it gets damaged. This damage affects the body drastically. Heart diseases are a group of diseases related to the heart. As we know heart performs various actions thus these diseases … Read more

Diet for Diabetes: What to Eat & Avoid?

Diabetes is a disease that is related to our diet to a large extent. Food plays various roles in our body ranging from minor to major. It not only gives us energy and helps to endure but also prevents various diseases. Food contains numerous nutrients that are used in various activities in the body. Studies … Read more

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