9 Foods That Boost the Immune System

9 Foods that Boost the Immune System

The immune system, technically speaking is the network of biological processes that help us fight against diseases and infections. Due to the widespread pandemic, one thing people are sure to know is the importance and value of a good immune system. Feeding your body the right kind of food can help you boost the immune … Read more

Depression: Symptoms and Causes

Depression Causes and Symptoms

Understanding Depression Depression is a type of mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of grave sadness and loss of interest. These intense feelings can hamper a person’s everyday activities resulting in lower productivity. However, depression is different from mood fluctuations that people experience as a part of their everyday lives.  It is an ongoing … Read more

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy For Cancer

Before we dive deeper into the concept of immunotherapy, it’s essential for us to know what the immune system is and what it does. The immune system is a collection of special cells, organs, and substance that protects the body from infections and diseases. These special immune cells and the substances that they make travel … Read more

Know all about Cervical Cancer

Know All About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix which is the lower part of the uterus and connects to the vagina. It occurs when the cells in the woman’s cervix change. It can affect the deeper tissues of the cervix and spread to other parts of the body as well. All women are at … Read more

Blood Cancer: Causes and Symptoms

Blood Cancer - Causes and Symptoms

Blood cancer, also known as Hematologic cancer starts in the bone marrow. It occurs when abnormal blood cells start growing rapidly and get out of control. These abnormal cells interfere with the normal functioning of cells that would normally fight infection and produce new blood cells. Blood cancer changes the way blood cells behave and … Read more

How to safeguard yourself against Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer

The year 2020 has been a difficult time for all of us around the globe. With Covid-19 spreading its terror and taking millions of lives across the globe, it has left people worrying about the future of healthcare. A ray of hope in this dark year has been the announcement of the eradication of Cervical … Read more

The Gut-Brain Connection

Sometimes or the other, we tend to hear people using phrases such as “gut-wrenching”, “feeling nauseous” or “butterflies in the stomach”. These phrases are not just for the sake of saying, but have deeper meanings attached to them. Our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and many more,  as … Read more

Eating Isn’t the Problem, Wrong Eating Is

Eating Isn't the Problem, Wrong Eating Is

Food is not just something we consume to fuel ourselves anymore. Food is an art, an emotion. With a variety of food items in the market, people now have access to more and more kinds of food that satisfy their cravings. Even though food is a gateway to joy, one has to be aware of … Read more