How To Halt Cancer Cells From Growing


How To Halt Cancer Cells From Growing : The main reason why it is hard to kill cancer cells is that our immune system gets so strong that it can help to form new tumors. Certain cancer cells get killed but still, at times our immune system may fail to fight. Due to bad cancer … Read more

Do Immunotherapy And Chemotherapy Work Together!

Do immunotherapy and chemotherapy work together?

Chemoimmunotherapy is the term used when chemotherapy drugs are combined with Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. There are questions among many people about whether it is effective to treat cancer using both. Before going to the answer by experts, let us look at the two types of treatments separately.     What is Chemotherapy? … Read more

A Small Guide For Bone Cancer


Bones are the base of our body. Our body depends on our bones. They help the body to endure and survive. However, cancer can even affect our bones too. Bone cancer begins in the bones. These malignant cells start growing aggressively and have the potential to spread to other parts of the body too. This … Read more

8 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

8 Ways to Boost your Metabolism

Ways to Boost your Metabolism Metabolism, technically defined is the term used to describe all chemical reactions in the body involved in maintaining the living state of the cells. These chemical reactions keep us alive and functioning. There are two types of metabolism: Catabolism – it is the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy Anabolism … Read more

Immunotherapy For Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy For Cancer Treatment

Before we dive deeper into the concept of immunotherapy, it’s essential for us to know what the immune system is and what it does. The immune system is a collection of special cells, organs, and substance that protects the body from infections and diseases. These special immune cells and the substances that they make travel … Read more

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