The Gut-Brain Connection

Sometimes or the other, we tend to hear people using phrases such as “gut-wrenching”, “feeling nauseous” or “butterflies in the stomach”. These phrases are not just for the sake of saying, but have deeper meanings attached to them. Our gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and many more,  as … Read more

Coping with Cancer the Right Way

Cancer is such a horrific disease that it not only affects the person who goes through it but his/her near and dear ones as well. The battle against cancer requires determination, hope, peace, and inner strength along with medication. Learning that you or your loved one has cancer is a difficult experience. After your cancer … Read more

Why Cancer Comes Back and How to Stop It?

Cancer is a disease that doesn’t just affect the patient, but the people around him/her too. Surviving cancer is the ultimate goal of the victims of this horrific ailment. But the fear of cancer doesn’t leave the survivor even after defeating it. Every cancer survivor’s nightmare is that cancer might return in their lives. Studies … Read more

The need to improve our immune system NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Our immune system, just like breathing, keeps us going every day without us taking notice of it, that is until it starts to fail. Fighting around the clock to keep our bodies protected from illness and infections is the work of our immune system. If your body feels great today, say a quick thank you … Read more


What are Depression and Anxiety? To eradicate or even to tend anything, we are required to get acquaint ourselves with the concern. Similarly to backspace the demons like depression and anxiety from your life you should know about them. Depression can be considered as a zone where a perpetual feeling of dispirited and sorrow is … Read more