6 Effective Ways of Hydration for Summer

6 Effective Ways of Hydration for Summer

The human body is made of almost 70% of water and it very important to maintain this ratio forever, so for maintaining it is necessary to make sure that our body is hydrated or not. For every creature on the planet, water is the foremost element to survive. Every cell, tissue & organ depends on … Read more

Habits That Make You Gain Extra Pounds


Have you been eating all the nutritious food, been working out and following a diet plan to lose weight, and still do not see the desired results? Sometimes it’s just not enough to help you shed those extra pounds! There might be some daily habits that you might not be noticing that are making you … Read more

Ayurvedic Rituals For Overall Health


With the modern lifestyle, it is very much essential for us to incorporate some daily rituals into our days which can help us distress quickly and bring ourselves back to balance and optimum health. The exhaustive lifestyle can sometimes exert too much pressure on us and put us off-balance. Some Ayurvedic practices aim at bringing … Read more

Why you shouldn’t be Over-Hydrating Yourself?

Why you shouldn't be over-hydrating yourself?

Side Effects of Drinking too much Water (Over-Hydrating) Life on Earth, without water, is impossible. About 60% of our body is made up of water. It is essential for our body as it carries nutrients to the cells, regulates the body’s temperature, and removes toxins. It is essential to drink enough water in a day … Read more

6 Herbs that Boost the Immune System

Herbs that Boost the Immune System

COVID-19 की वजह से हम सबने इम्यून सिस्टम  के महत्व को समझ लिया हैः। अब हमे यह जानने की ज़रुरत है की हम इस इम्यून सिस्टम को और मजबूत  कैसे बना सकते हैँ। आयुर्वेद में कुछ ऐसे इंग्रेडिएंट्स हैं जो हमे इस इम्यून सिस्टम को और मजबूत बनाने में सहायता करते हैं: हल्दी भारतीय मसालों … Read more

8 Ways Coffee Might be Benefiting Your Health

8 Ways Coffee Might Be Benefiting Your Health

Coffee – one of the most popular drinks across the globe! Not only is it the best energy booster, but also offers numerous health benefits. The first thing that might pop up in our brain when we hear the word coffee might be caffeine but that is not it. It is packed with many other … Read more

9 Foods That Boost the Immune System

9 Foods that Boost the Immune System

The immune system, technically speaking is the network of biological processes that help us fight against diseases and infections. Due to the widespread pandemic, one thing people are sure to know is the importance and value of a good immune system. Feeding your body the right kind of food can help you boost the immune … Read more

Depression: Symptoms and Causes

Depression Causes and Symptoms

Understanding Depression Depression is a type of mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of grave sadness and loss of interest. These intense feelings can hamper a person’s everyday activities resulting in lower productivity. However, depression is different from mood fluctuations that people experience as a part of their everyday lives.  It is an ongoing … Read more

5 Ways to Stay Away from Diseases this Winter

Ways to Stay Away from Diseases this Winter

Winter is approaching, and we couldn’t be happier. The season of winter is apparently loved by many, all thanks to the hot water showers, cozy blankets, sips of coffee, hot cocoa, and much more. Even though winters are the coziest and most comfortable season of the year, the health hazards it brings with it are … Read more

How to preserve our health?

How to preserve our health?

We have heard the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’ numerous times in our lives. Well, it is said not only for the sake of it, but the phrase has a much deeper meaning behind it. Health is our true companion, and taking care of it should be our foremost responsibility. The word ‘health’ often refers to … Read more