Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Causes And Diet

prostate cancer

Cancer is a minacious disease that can occur in any part of your body. Prostate cancer is a situation when cancer occurs in the prostate, a small walnut-sized gland in males. Malignancy of prostate is likely to develop in men with old age. It is the most common cancer in men. In some cases this … Read more

Eating Isn’t the Problem, Wrong Eating Is

eating isn't the problem, wrong eating is

Food is not just something we consume to fuel ourselves anymore. Food is an art, an emotion. With a variety of food items in the market, people now have access to more and more kinds of food that satisfy their cravings. Even though food is a gateway to joy, one has to be aware of … Read more


What are Depression and Anxiety? To eradicate or even to tend anything, we are required to get acquaint ourselves with the concern. Similarly to backspace the demons like depression and anxiety from your life you should know about them. Depression can be considered as a zone where a perpetual feeling of dispirited and sorrow is … Read more

How effective your Immune System to Fight against Disease?

How effective your Immune System to Fight against Disease like Cancer, Covid-19:-  India, being such a versatile country is now facing the toughest time that no one ever imagined. Today it’s not only India but the entire world is going through the most infectious disease called coronavirus i.e. Covid-19. It’s been several months that we … Read more

Study Looks at Ayurveda’s Ability to Boost Immunity.

Many new studies have been coming up which shows that even allopathy is recognizing Ayurveda now. Earlier, it is only confined to un-urbanized areas but with these studies and experiments being conducted, everyone is getting a glimpse where Ayurveda can help them change their life in a great way. It is now helping the patients … Read more

Does a healthy diet act as a shield protecting you from chronic diseases?

Cucumis melo

We all have heard that “Health is wealth” and it is only a healthy body that is capable of a healthy mind that can manifest healthy thoughts to provide a healthy and meaningful life-giving happiness and purpose to our being. The journey of a healthy body starts right from the womb, passes through childhood, attains … Read more

How important role immunity plays to revive body?

Aegie matmelos

Before going into the importance of the role-play of Immunity system it is important to know What is immunity system? What does the immunity system do? We all fall ill sometime or the other. The questions that should be asked to ourselves are how often do I fall ill? How soon do I revive from … Read more

My name is Sheikh Ibrahim I reside at Chembur I was suffering from cancer

My name is Sheikh Ibrahim I reside at Chembur I was suffering from cancer So I did small operation There was a knot so told me that they have to remove knot And after removing knot there was no change Then he wrote Tata and gave me Doctor Sachin asked me to do operation because … Read more

My mother in law’s name is Kiran Devi She was suffering from uterus cancer…..

My name is Suman Bhandari I came from Malad My mother in law’s name is Kiran Devi She was suffering from uterus cancer We treated through doctor Bengani at Bombay hospital There we spent 7 to 8 Lakhs And doctor over there told us to give 12 chemos We gave one chemo but my mother … Read more

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