5 Foods To Include In Your Diet In Skin Cancer


Overview This fact isn’t covered up any longer than practicing good eating habits, being dynamic and physically active, keeping up your health, following a balanced and healthy lifestyle will without a doubt work on your health in the two terms physically and mentally. It will likewise save you from such countless sicknesses and if you … Read more

Skin Cancer: Some Questions That Need Answers

skin cancer

Overview Skin Cancer is a condition when abnormal growth occurs in skin cells and they become cancerous due to certain known and unforeseen reasons. It is a dangerous disease that can even put your life in danger. To prevent or overcome this disease, everybody should know about this menacing cancer. So today we will look … Read more

How To Cope Liver Cancer With Food?

liver cancer

What Is Coping With Liver Cancer? Liver cancer is a menacing disease that affects every patient both mentally and physically. The treatment and the duration of life depend on the stage of cancer. However, the quality of the treatment can be improved and life after treatment can be prolonged by following some tips that help … Read more

Boost Your Knowledge on Liver Cancer

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Liver cancer is a situation when the cells of the liver become cancerous. The liver is an organ situated in the upper part of the stomach. In this situation, cancer damages the liver badly and affects its ability to work. Today we are going to discuss deeply about the various aspects of Liver cancer. So … Read more

Stomach Cancer (पेट का कैंसर): प्रकार और बचाव के तरीके

stomach cancer

पेट का कैंसर ( Stomach Cancer) क्या है जानिए ? पेट शरीर का एक महत्वपूर्ण अंग है ,यह भोजन के ग्रहण और पाचन का कार्य करता है। भोजन शरीर को संचालित करने के लिए आवश्यक है क्योकि यह शरीर को आवश्यक ऊर्जा देता है इसीलिए पाचन क्रिया भी बहुत ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण  है।  पाचन तंत्र तभी … Read more

Stomach Cancer: 5 Surprising Facts You Should Know

stomach cancer

What is Stomach Cancer? Stomach Cancer is a condition when the cells of the stomach become cancerous and start growing out of control. His condition is also called Gastric cancer. It is a very threatening type of cancer that needs to be treated as early as possible. In this article, we are going to discuss … Read more

Brain Tumor: What Should Be In Your Diet?

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Have you ever thought that how do your body and organs work? The simple answer to this question is that our body works with the energy produce by our body itself. Body produces this energy by the food we eat. Thus food plays a significant role in our body. Today, we are going to discuss … Read more

What Is Brain Tumor & How to Cope With It?

brain tumor

What is a Brain Tumor? The brain tumor is a collection of abnormal and uncontrolled cells. It is one of the deadliest types of disease among all. Not all brain tumors are cancerous some of them are not cancerous as well. Tumors can begin indirectly brain or any other part of the brain and can … Read more

Increase your Knowledge of Kidney Cancer

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In today’s world, we all are surrounded by numerous diseases. These diseases affect our ability to live healthily. Our body has the potential to live for 100 years without getting diseased or ill but our unhealthy lifestyle puts us at the risk of getting various dangerous diseases. One of these dangerous diseases is cancer. In … Read more

Kidney Cancer Patients: What to do & what not to?

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Are you or anyone you know recently diagnosed with kidney cancer? If yes then this article is very beneficial for you as we are going to discuss the various things that would be beneficial for you or if no then it will increase your knowledge. Before going deeper on our topic, first, we should know … Read more